Wednesday, 8 July 2009

good personality

DO Smile it costs nothing and is always appreciated!

DON'T ignore people even when you don't want to talk, be friendly when

some says "Hello"!

DO make people feel important. Make each person feel that they

are special!

DON'T Brag! No one likes a person who is full of themselves!

Be an honest person!

DO have sense of humor! Laugh and people will laugh with you,

cry and you cry alone!

DON'T always have problems, troubles or always need help,

or you will soon be alone!

DO encourage people! Tell others what you like about them

or when they are doing well.

DON'T criticize or cut down people, even yourself!

DO have an interest in many things. Be an interesting person!

DON'T grab the best, biggest, and most for yourself

give others a break!

DO meet, strangers, it's hard. You can make a great friend

by being friendly to someone you might not know!

DON'T make fun of others when they make a mistake

or do something dumb!

DO help others when they have a problem

and share what you have with others!

DON'T have a bad temper, or be an angry person

looking for an argument or fight!

DO look good, clean, neat, & well groomed!


blame others for their mistakes or worse, for yours!

DO keep a confidence. If someone tells you something

keep it to yourself!

DON'T be too cool! Cool people are never popular people,

they are too cool!

DO listen and be an encourager!

DON'T over correct people!

DO take a joke and be a good sport!

DO remember names!

DON'T be loud and obnoxious! DO be yourself.

DO thank people!


Sit back and close your eyes, and visualize your spiritual pilgrimage, that is growth.

· What is your first memory of God?

· What was the highest time in your relationship with God?

· What was the lowest time?

Now on a piece of paper draw a graph by years since you were born until today, and mark the ups and downs. Do another graph using the same years and chart how you treated people, your family, your friends, people at church, and strangers.

What were the results? Usually when we treat others well they reciprocate and treat us well too.

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