Sunday, 11 November 2012

How to get scholarship

Well, this is a very famous and common question for the scholar, which has the same answer anyway. Hmm,, Since I got the scholarship from Erasmus Mundus, So I tell you about the program. For general information, you can visit this useful and sourceful link

Then, if you read the requirement carefully, you will find the same documents needed :

  1. degree of your bachelor
  2. transcript
  3. state of motivation
  4. recommendation letter from your lecturer or supervisor
  5. identity card (passport)
  6. europass CV (optional)
  7. study plan (optional)
  8. proposal of research (optional)
  9. Proof of English test proficiency (pay attention about the minimum score and the publishing institution) you can visit (for iBT and TOEFL test) and (for IELTS test) . Both test are equivalent for English proficiency.

Tips and Trick ?

  1. For document such as : Degree of  bachelor, transcript, passport, and any supporting document (e.g. certificate), please prepare it in soft copy form by scanning it first. So you just need to upload or print it out in case you need it immediately.
  2. state of motivation vs recommendation letter : make it one idea ! if the motivation says that you have experience, future plan, and pursuing carrier bla bla bla.....make the recommendation letter tell the same. So,it is important to build good communication and relationship to the referee.
  3. study plan and proposal of research : depends on the program you apply. Try to find out the progressing and focus research in your host university (especially faculty), the program, compulsory and optional subjects and its syllabus, also keep in mind to have choice related to your passion.
  4. English test preparation. You can join intensive course for TOEFL or IELTS preparation in any kind of course. Or you can just buy the book and prepare all the things by yourself. The important things are the due date, test date, venue, and cost. Pay attention about the due date (deadline) of your application. The result usually published 2 weeks after test, so prepare it well. Contact the right organisation and contact person to have comprehensive information. For IELTS, you can contact the nearest IDP office arround you (google knows it). For TOEFL, you can check it in the website above.

The important things in applying scholarship are good preparation and strong willing. All the rest, let God does the best for you. If you prepare the best, universe will conspire the best for you.

And remember, as you win the grant, you have responsibility in actualizing your intention as you stated in your motivation letter. Our nation wait for us ! :)

Good luck for everything !

here is another helpful information corresponds to document preparation.. 

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